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How to Talk Your Girlfriend Into a Threesome ( Part 2)

25 Nov

Every guy dreams about a threesome.  Today we’ll continue last week’s guide “ How to Talk Your Girlfriend Into a Threesome”. Part two of this guide will cover the last two steps in convincing your partner, girlfriend or wife into having the wild threeway you’ve always wanted. If you haven’t done so already, check out  “How to Talk Your Girlfriend Into a Threesome (Part 1)” !

We last left off talking about Language and  Time/Setting, but once you’ve figure out the right time and the right way to ask, where do you go from there? It’s more than just asking a question, you want to persuade your spouse into a threesome.

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Threesome Weekend! (My Top 4 Fav Threesome Definitions)

12 Nov


Menage a trois.

Or conversely, you lucky bitch.

If I had to define it, I would only need two words : Fucking-awesome.

This coming weekend will be dedicated to all things THREESOMES! That includes how-to’s to do a blowjob with another girl, the different types of threesomes, first hand stories and more!

To kick off the next three days of threesome mania, here are my favorite top 4 definitions found on Urban Dictionary !

4) Some say it’s like a beautiful unicorn:

The act of three people having sex simultaneously.

A fantasy for most men because it is NEVER going to happen.

If it did,they probably would be left out because the two girls would forget he was there.

Forget the threesome. It is the male equivalent of Big Foot.

Bummer dude.

3) An acceptable form of sex outside of your marriage:

The best way to fuck other women on the side without ending up in divorce court or in the wraths of a pissed off girlfriend. This can broaden the sexual horizons for any couple by providing the male with the opportunity to get some new pussy occasionally and helps the woman live out her secret, curious masturbation fantasy.

That dude is lucky. He had a big threesome last night. His girlfriend’s co-worker rode his cock while his girlfriend sat on his face and rode it like the Kentucky Derby.


2) French.. It’s probably good

A threesome is the term which describes a sexual act involving three people, sometimes also referred to as a menage a trois.

A true threesome is when all three people have sex with each other, not when two people just have sex with one person and not each other.

If there is only one on one partners alternating; from today forth it shall be known as a seesome: a threesome where one partner watches as the other two fuck, possibly no contact between two of the participants.

1) We all like variety

Where there are 3 people sexually active at the same time

with either





with 3 people involved

1.My Husband and I invited a friend over for a threesome

2. I love when my wife invites her blonde friend over for tea cause it ends up being a threesome

While our sexuality is a little shaky, we do like straight answers.

Honorable Mention:

I cant tell if he missed the point or not.

A classic sandwich where PEANUT BUTTER is joined together by two different tasty JELLIES and they form what is known as a PB&JJ sandwich.

This threesome is gonna be delicious! I have 2 jellies coming over tonight and one of them is cherry!

No matter how you define it, threesomes catch the eye of men and women alike. What’s your definition?